Best Deals on eBooks in India

You usually have to pay less for buying eBooks than the printed books. You can also avail best deals on eBooks in India. It is not actually very easy for Indian eBook sellers to sell eBooks. The concept of eBook is new in India and India is not a rich country. eBooks sell in India is only 1% than that of printed books. So Indian eBook sellers are trying hard to encourage Indian readers to buy eBooks, and at the same time they are competing with each other to get a big chunk of emerging market share. The condition of eBook market and the competition make them to offer best deals on eBooks every now and then. I always take the advantage of these deals and offers. I got some very expensive eBooks at very low cost. If you are an avid reader, this post will help you to grab some best deals on eBooks in India.

Top eBook Sellers in India

There are so many eBook sellers in India, but Amazon, Flipkart and NewsHunt are the popular ones. If you want an eBook at the lowest price possible, then always compare the price of that eBook in all these three markets. Amazon and Flipkart have eBooks in English and Hindi languages. NewsHunt is the best smart phone application for reading regional language eBooks in India. These top three sellers often give some best deals on eBooks.

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Amazon India – Kindle Monthly Deals on eBooks

There is a separate section on Amazon India’s website called “Kindle Monthly Deals“. The deals begin at 12:00 am on the first Tuesday of the month and expires at 11:59 pm on the first Monday of the following month. eBooks in all the various categories are available on that page at a discounted price. This can also be a great opportunity to grab some bestsellers at low price. The eBook reader app (Kindle) of Amazon is better than Flipkart and NewsHunt. But the app is also heavy considering the internal memory it takes.

Deals on Flipkart eBook Reader

I recently bought India’s bestselling novelist Chetan Bhagat’s 4 eBooks at just 156 Rs. (~ $2.5). I again saw the same deal on Flipkart eBook Reader app today. Flipkart often run deals like these to encourage readers to buy eBooks. The deal is not limited to only Chetan Bhagat’s eBooks, but there are many bestselles available at the discounted price. Flipkart also had offered a pack of free eBooks written by bestselling authors, like Khushvant Singh, Shobha De and Sudha Murty. Offers do change time to time, so you always have to keep an eye on these deals and discounts. If you install Flipkart eBook Reader app, they notify you about the deals via push notification on your smartphone. You can take the advantage of these offers to add some bestsellers in your eBook library.

deals on eBooks
Flipkart eBook Reader Store – Current Deals on eBooks in India

NewsHunt – Deals on Regional Language Books

I got Meluha book series (3 books) by Amish Tripathi on NewsHunt at just 1 Rs. It was the biggest deal I have ever seen in eBook Market. NewsHunt had offered any 6 eBooks on their app at just 1 Rs. each. Meluha’s series was considered as a 1 book. That means, I got 9 eBooks of my choice at just 6 Rs. I also have the Marathi translation of the Meluha book series, which I bought for less than 30 Rs. in another deal.

You can grab some of the most exciting deals on NewsHunt. They have a section of 1 Rs. eBooks. You can also download some classic eBooks for free. NewsHunt app is not just dedicated to eBook reading, but also concentrates on proving news papers all across India on a mobile device. The app is not as good as Flipkart eBook Reader or Amazon Kindle, but it is not bad at all.

There are more than hundred eBooks in my collection today. I have not read all of them yet. But I do collect eBooks whenever I see some exciting offer. I read them later one by one. Install the apps discussed in this hub and visit them every now and then to see the latest discount offers.

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