Best Speaker for Laptop in India

I bought a speaker for my laptop last month. I bought it from an online shopping site. I got a good deal. The price of the speaker is under 1000 Rs. But the quality of the speaker is very good. I really liked it. It is the best speaker for laptop in India under 1000 Rs. The brand is Lenovo and the name is Lenovo M0520 2.0 speaker. We can use Lenovo M0520 2.0 as a portable speaker without laptop. We will see its features and discuss its portability in this post.

Features of Lenovo Laptop Speaker under 1000 Rs.

There are two speakers in the Lenovo speaker set. The speaker set is lightweight and portable. The dimensions of the speaker are 23.2 x 12.6 x 12.4 cm. The speaker has designed for modern looks. Its weight is only 499 grams. There is a volume button to the speaker itself.

The Current Price of Lenovo M0520 2.0 speaker is around 800 Rs. 

One speaker is connected to the other with a wire. You can not separate these two speakers. Then, there is 3.5 mm stereo jack. That is an audio cable which you connect to your laptop. Electricity has to be provided using USB connection. You have to connect this speaker to the USB port of your laptop for power supply.

You may be wondering, ‘What if I shut down my laptop? Could I use the speaker with my smartphone?’ The answer is ‘Yes!’ I will explain this below.

Best Speaker for Laptop in India
Portable Speaker – I often connect Lenovo speaker set to my smartphone.

Best Portable Laptop Speaker for Laptop, Smartphone

When I bought laptop speaker set, I did not know that the power supply has to be provided using USB connection. But I really liked the audio quality of the speaker, I wanted to use it with my smartphone. I thought about a solution and then I got an idea of using Power Bank.

I tried one power bank as a source of power supply, but it did not work. Then I tried TP Link power bank, which worked perfectly! I connected USB cable of the speaker to the 1 A USB port of TP Link power bank. The power bank adjusts its current according to the requirement of the device.

Power Bank makes the speaker set very portable. You do not even need to turn on your laptop for the power supply. You also do not need to look for an electricity board.

Lenovo M0520 2.0 speaker – Questions and Answers

Q – Does it support Bluetooth Connectivity?

A – No. The speaker does not support Bluetooth.

Q – Is it Chargeable?

A – No. It is not chargeable.

Q –  Can I Use it with Desktop or Smartphone?

A – Yes! You can! For smartphone, You have to use Power Bank for power supply.

Q – Does it have AC Adapter for Power Supply?

A – No. It does not.

Q – Is there a warranty on this product?

A – Yes! Lenovo M0520 2.0 speaker comes with 1 year manufacture warranty.

I am currently using Lenovo M0520 2.0 speaker. I highly recommend this product, if you are looking for laptop speaker under 1000 Rs. in India. You can check the reviews on online shopping sites. The product got some great reviews and ratings.