Download Unlimited Songs Legally

There should be the revenue model for anything to work. Pop music industry in India died a decade ago because of piracy. Indians can not afford to pay for the songs. We earn just enough to fulfill our important needs. But now I think, this trend will change. At least, I have started to pay for the music. Not because I became rich, but the companies have started to offer their music at very low cost. I pay only around 1 Rs. per day and that allows me to legally download unlimited songs on my smartphone. Isn’t that great!? Well.. not that great yet! Because you have to be the Airtel user to avail this subscription plan. Other users can still use this service, but at around 3 Rs. per day.

Wynk by Airtel – App to Download Unlimited Songs

Wynk (विंक) is a music streaming application, like Saavn, Gaana or Hungama. It is a new application by Airtel. You can download and install it from Google Play Store or iPhone App Store. Open Wynk. The app will showcase English, Hindi and regional language music. This app claims to have over 18 Lakh songs, so you are most likely to find your favorite songs. Play any song you like. You can listen unlimited songs online for free.

Download Unlimited Songs
You can Download Unlimited Songs on Wynk

If you want to download a song, go to the settings and then touch “Account” option. You can manage your subscription plan here. Airtel users can subscribe to Wynk Plus to download unlimited songs. The app allows you to download very high quality (320 kbps) songs. The cost of this subscription plan is 29 Rs. per month, but the first month of this plan is free. My first month of this service is not over yet, but I guess they will deduct 29 Rs. from my mobile balance, when I will enter into the second month. You can download any number of songs as long as your memory card supports it. You can move this app to SD card.

Downloaded songs can not be transferred to other devices. You can not play these songs using other apps. You have to listen all the downloaded songs from Wynk itself. I do not think it as a problem, as Wynk is a great app for listening music. It is a fair deal. If you want to keep the Mp3 file copy of your favorite song, you can buy it at only 5 Rs. (most likely) or 10 Rs. or 15 Rs. Each song has a different price.

Buy Songs in India to Keep Mp3 File

It has never been so easy and affordable to buy songs in India. I have bought a song from Wynk. The process is very simple! You can pay via debit card, credit card or net banking. You can also use Paytm Wallet to pay the price instantly. Wynk saves your Paytm credentials to make the process more simple. Most of the songs have the 5 Rs. price tag on them. Few of them can cost 10 Rs. or 15 Rs. People who do not like piracy and who want to support the music industry can buy songs on Wynk. Flipkart has already failed in this sector, I hope Wynk to succeed. The songs you buy on Wynk can be played with any music app. You can also transfer it to your laptop.

Other music streaming apps are complicated and a little bit difficult to understand. Wynk has a very neat and simple interface. I hope they do not get obsessed with social networking like others and keep the simplicity as I see it today. Wynk currently is the best solution to download unlimited songs and keep them on your smartphone.